Don’t wait until tomorrow to be pain free and feel like a million dollars! Call us today!
Like Atlas in Greek mythology, the Titan punished by Zeus to hold the skies on his shoulders, our team lifts the heavy weights for our patients!

general physiotherapy applying pressure on calf muscle

We often see people who’ve tolerated pain and long-term injuries and not functioning at full capacity. We want to stop that cycle!

Our number one goal is to alleviate pain, increase your mobility, reduce stiffness and improve your quality of life.

We want to see you being the best you can be and performing at the top of your physical ability!

  • Do you have an acute injury from work or sporting activities?
  • Are you in constant pain?
  • Are you a parent concerned that your child is physically hurt?
  • Or do you need help to improve your training regime?

We are here for you!

We are 'hands-on specialists' with over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of musculoskeletal disorders.

At your first physiotherapy session with us, we’ll do a thorough biomechanical assessment.

Throughout our years of practice, there have been many cases where we could provide immediate relief within 5 minutes of manual therapy and we aim for that result whenever possible.

It’s also important that our patients understand the cause of recurrent injuries.

We take time to answer all the questions you may have. We tell you what works based on clinically proven results.

We will design a personalised exercise plan that you can do at home.

We also offer dry needling and electrotherapy when appropriate.

"Seeing our patients pain free and back to full function is the most rewarding thing in our career."

We will continually strive to put the smile back on your face, to restore your self-confidence and to educate you to avoid further injury.

general physiotherapy after a knee injury

Many times injuries happen because of a poor technique for an activity, overloading a problem structure or inadequate strength. Whatever the case, understanding what went wrong is essential to your future health.

Where necessary, we can also arrange an in-house consultation with a Podiatrist, Dietician or GP.

We know from our extensive expertise that most of the time, there is a simple solution to your problem. By listening and asking the right questions and carefully assessing your movement, we can identify that solution and then apply it with excellent results. It’s what we do.

After 30 years’ experience in the field, we know what works and what doesn’t.

A significant number of “word of mouth” referrals are a testimony for this.

We are so proud of our clients who’ve trusted our skills, and worked with us to achieve their optimal result.

Where possible, for clients with limited mobility or special needs, we can arrange a home visit.

Medicare Australia has a GP initiated scheme [EPC] that can provide supplementary funding for up to 5 physiotherapy consultations to people with chronic illness or injury. Talk to your GP or call us to find if you’re eligible.

In relevant cases, we bulk bill Workcover, DVA and CTP insurances directly, so there is ‘no fuss for you’.