sport injury

Focus on your Rehabilitation after a sport injury

 We love the active lifestyle that sunny Queensland can offer and our therapists are active people that enjoy sports all year round. That helps us understand the frustration when sports injury occurs – we've been there.
 Some of our clients are injured in their sport, they are in pain and cannot continue to train. This impacts the quality of their life.
 We have others that are well, but they want to talk to us about improving their performance for a sporting event and/or preventing injuries. We can discuss their training regime highlighting ways to improve it, and warning signs to be aware of.
 For some of our clients, we are an integral part of their preparation.  

woman with sport injury having a massage

We are here to help

Whether you are looking for a 'healthcare partner' for life that can support you with your sport or you are injured right now and looking for relief, talk to us.

For sprains, strains and joint injuries, before coming to see us, remember the NO HARM rule that will help to hasten your recovery:

  H - No Heat : heat can increase bleeding in the affected area
  A - No Alcohol: drinking alcohol can increase swelling and bleeding
  R - No Running: further exercise when injured delays the healing process
  M - No Massage: massaging the injured area may increase the swelling and bleeding


Whenever possible, for clients with limited mobility, we can arrange a home visit.

Call us to see if Medicare EPC will cover most of our fees.